This post originally appeared on Left Hand Church.

This week, I read with sadness about Seth Owen, a high school valedictorian who was accepted by Georgetown, but couldn’t go because his Southern Baptist parents rejected him for being gay. They told him he could either keep attending their fundamentalist church and “conversion therapy” or move out. So he moved out.

Seth had been given a financial aid package based on his parents income, but since his parents no longer financially supported him, Seth could no longer afford to attend college this fall.

But then his high school mentor, Jane Martin, stepped up and started a GoFundMe page for Seth. So far, they’ve raised more than $118,000. Anything Seth doesn’t use will go towards non-profits that provide scholarships to other LGBTQ+ youth.

Last weekend, Imagine Dragon’s frontman, Dan Reynolds welcomed 30,000 people to his second LOVELOUD Festival in Orem, Utah. Reynolds, who grew up conservative Mormon, started LOVELOUD to draw attention to acceptance of LGBTQ+ youth in Mormon families. A friend who was at the concert tells me that Reynolds’ increasingly loud acceptance of LGBTQ+ risks him getting ex-communicated from the LDS church. They aimed to raise $1 million for charities that help LGBTQ+ youth.

Jane Martin and Dan Reynolds (and so many others) could be ignoring the injustice around them, but instead, they’re performing acts of love (big and small) to change and save lives. As Left Hand becomes established in Longmont and Boulder County, what can we do to show God’s love to our neighbors?